Saturday, 30 June 2012

Catching a Cheshire Cat

Not too long ago, I was sketching some doodles for fun, and drew a crazy Cheshire cat. I did a little tinkering for good measure, and I was pretty happy with how he had turned out...

Most interestingly, I also realized how much fun I had making him - you know that feeling? I mean, whether you're an artist or whether you do something else, there's that thing you strive for, trying to capture moments of pure reckless curiosity. 

We all know the fun that can come from allowing your curiosity to ask "What if you drew your next line over there instead?" or "How fast could your next lap be if you leaned over this way a bit and pushed a little more?"

Anyway, when you create something, sharing it is part of the fun - and I'd love your feedback and ideas on the stuff I'll post here. 

Check back often to see what's new in the Cheshire Collection! Thanks for visiting!

...and keep that curiosity of yours well fed!

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